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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Party Heart-y

One of my coworkers loves hearts, so for her birthday, I decided to challenge myself. I don't make hearts very often, unless by request. Here's what I came up with:

Big, colorful, chunky beads! I really wanted to do mismatched beads.

And made this bracelet:

It was flippin' HUGE!

I've seen resin pendants with candy sprinkles in them, and I've always been fascinated by resin with things embedded in them since I was a kid; I always thought it looked so magical. It was time to make my own magic:

Not bad for a first try!

My coworker really liked her stuff! The bracelet may have been a bit chunky for her, though.

I loved working with the resin, and look forward to doing more with it! I found out that it can be baked at polymer clay temps (once cured!), so I can make polymer clay bezels and bake the whole piece! Yay!