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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Painting Fool

Painting has been wonderfully theraputic for me lately. It's immediate: I can pick it up whenever I want to and get a few minutes of painting in; and unlike working with clay, I don't have to wash my hands a million times and hermetically seal my work area against dust. :)

Besides, paint has been on sale at my favorite craft stores!

Here is a wooden rocket birdhouse I found and fell in love with. I mean, a rocket! I just had to paint it in girly colors:

It resides happily in my office now.

This is a statue I found in Target's dollar section (even though it was $2.50). It was a brownish-black color, so I brightened him up a bit:

I made his belly shiny so I can rub it for luck!

I am an absolute sucker for good perfume, especially well-made perfume oils (see here and here and here). I am so addicted to these perfumes that I decided I needed to store them in something pretty. I had to make a little treasure box to store my perfumes in.

I took a bottle of perfume with me to the craft store to see if it would fit in the boxes. The one below was a winner, and at the time, I liked the handle. Not so sure now, but I'm working with it. I wanted to do some kind of theme at first, like painting it sky blue and doing grass, flowers, and a picket fence around the sides. I wanted to paint it all white, with pink flowers all over, and do either green felt or polymer clay grass on the lid, and place tiny flowers on it. Then I wanted to do glitter "grass" on the lid.

I knew I wanted some kind of plushy interior, but my usual felt box lining just wouldn't do in this case. When I was a kid, I liked to take things apart, and one of the things I took apart once was a jewelry box. I observed that the cushy lining was actually a piece of cardboard with some kind of spongy filler, and covered in satin and slapped on the insides of the box. Perfect! I had some fiberfill languishing in my work area, and I had some cardboard.

Now for the fabric. One place I go to has all kinds of great fat quarters; awesome patterns. It's hard not to just keep your mind on a specific project when looking at these: I can never come out of there with just one! There are always "future projects" to think about!

As I was looking through the fat quarters, I happened upon a small glimpse of yellow buried in a row of purple. I took a look at the fabric, and was immediately transported to my childhood. It reminded me of something I'd seen as a kid, and I fell in love with it. Right then I decided I had to have it and imagined a "shabby chic" kind of box to go with it. I like SOME shabby chic, and I don't think I've ever made anything shabby, but I was willing to try. The shabby theme was the only thing to go with this fabric!

Now I'm almost done with the box; trying to figure out if I should antique it or not. Pics soon!

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